Gaul/Opitz/Schader: Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Scientific Modeling and Practical Application

Martin Schader

Springer-Verlag 2000
527 pp. 106 figs., 45 tabs.
Price: 139,09 Euro
ISBN 3-540-67731-3

"Data Analysis" in the broadest sense is the general term for a field of activities of ever-increasing importance in a time called the information age. It covers new areas with such trendy labels as e.g., data mining or web mining as well as traditional directions emphasizing, e.g., classification or knowledge organization.Leading researchers in data analysis have contributed to this volume and delivered papers on aspects ranging from scientific modeling to practical application.They have devoted their latest contributions to a book edited to honor a colleague and friend, Hans-Hermann Bock, who has been active in the field for nearly thirty years.